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Music The music of B/B

Song writer, composer, singer, I breathe through my music which is a real fresh air.

When I was a young child, my mother used to ask me to sing in front of our guests ‘’Come on BB, sing a song in English!’’. Being 5, I thought it was fun and I would sing with pleasure. I was proud of seeing my mom and the guests listening to me with so much attention, they were mesmerised! I was learning all of Kate Bush songs by heart, my favourite singer and idol at that time. Every single detail was there, accent, intonation, tessiture… I still have some startling recording of me singing Kate!

As years go by, I got more and more reluctant of singing in front of people when my mother was asking me. Anywhere we were, my mother would ask me the same thing ‘’come on sing!”. I started to rebel and hide whenever guests were coming… By the age of 12, I used to lock myself in my bedroom with my guitar to compose. My first song was ‘’My mother is in the fire’’ haha… Poor mom, I must have been really pissed off to write such a song! I have never dared singing it in front of her though, that’s for sure!
By the age of 16, I had a huge teenager/parent fight with my mom, and she literally smashed my guitar again the bannister. I was so shocked; I could not believe my eyes. From that day on, and for many many years after, I would not want to touch a guitar.

When finally I decided to play again, I have written a song called Mother. The lyrics were tough and full of resentment. Later on in life, I had this urge of forgiveness and love, so I have changed the words to a love song, full of hope despite the sad melody.

With the benefit of hindsight, I can’t thank my dead mom enough for her determination to make me sing whenever she had the opportunity. From the singing and music abhorrence, it is now a vital need to pass on to people my emotions through my fabulous vocal cords tool! Thanks mom and rest in peace!

It’s easier for me to compose in English than in French, however, in the 90’s, I have written a song called ‘’Pourquoi tout ça’’. The Virgin production could have been interested, as according to the artistic director, this song could have been a hit! But he added that it was not the right time for this kind of music. He has made me hope for months.. I have no longer heard of him!

I have also met with the TF1 sitcoms director, who was so called interested by my music!  it turned out differently…

I have done couples of advertising jingles in recording studio and Capri-sonne for the Caribbean Island was one of them. I love studio atmosphere as much as airport atmosphere!

Today, I write and compose for myself, it’s fun. I mostly write stories based on real facts, but sometimes I have to invent stories in order to bring the song where it should be. I am not a good guitar player, but I manage the best I can with basic but beautiful chords. I have started fiddling with a computer music program in order to record my songs, but it’s tough, need practice! The BB style song is about my paintings, I invite you to listen to it. I take as much pleasure playing and singing covers with my Jazzy/funk band BB STYLE in different places, as I take writing my compositions!

Welcome to my world. Adopt and adapt the BB style !